Australia Day 2 – Taronga Zoo

The sightseeing and touristy activities continues! Today we had a leisurely morning, breakfast, getting ready and catching up with Aussie news. We then headed to Taronga zoo.

Having spent a lot of my youth in Paignton zoo in Torbay it was nice to see what Australia had to offer in terms of species – I don’t think I’ve ever actually set eyes on a real life kangaroo or koala bear!
We began with a quick trip on the sky safari which takes you on a cable car over the zoo with views down to the Sydney harbour bridge and opera house.
The selection of animals was great and they all seemed to be very active, in fact so many of them were very close to the viewing points which is always kind of them, almost as if ready for a photoshoot!
We even managed to catch the sea lion show! It always reminds me of sea world in Florida so it brought back some good memories. They are so clever, definitely worth seeing!
Unfortunately you can’t hold a koala bear here, but I did manage to get a hug off one!
We then headed over to Sydney on the ferry as you can actually leave or arrive at the zoo via ferry to or from the city which is handy and only takes about 10 minutes. We took a short walk through the city towards the Deutsche Bank where my friend Charlie works in a great bar and restaurant. It was so nice to see her after so long and she was telling us about all her great travels! The bar is called Mordeo and we shared a margarita pizza and BBQ lamb ribs which were both lush! The bar staff were even kind enough to make me a White Russian although it wasn’t on the cocktail list!
As the weather today wasn’t the best (still hot, just cloudy) and after seeing a Westfields logo in the distance, I then decided it would be a good time to check out the local shops! Quite funny as  after browsing around the amazing shopping malls of George Street, including The Victoria Building, the only money that actually left my hand was in a Topshop we ‘stumbled’ across which actually turned out to be more expensive than the UK!!! You can take the girl out of London but you can’t take the London out of the girl!
We then headed back across the bridge to Sydney and did a bit of grocery shopping in crows nest, relaxed for a little until Dan and Freya got home and finished the night with a take out!

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