Australia Day 5

It only took us 5 days but today we finally climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Typically we had picked the hottest day (probably why we managed to book so easily less than 24 hours before!) as it was set to be 36 degrees! Luckily as we were so high up there was a nice breeze.

Don’t be freaked out by the price of the bridge climb as it is 100% worth it. All of the staff were fantastic, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the professionalism, security and safety consciousness of the whole attraction was of an extremely high standard. The climb itself is amazing, to walk over one of the world’s most famous bridges and take in the spectacular views from above was a surreal feeling.
There are also various climbs that you can participate in. The full climb to the top takes around 3 1/2 hours so you really need to put aside a day for it. However we actually opted for the express climb which takes roughly 2 hours and you still get to climb all the way to the top so I would highly recommend that if you have a busy schedule. There is also a taster climb session for those who want to simply try it out or maybe are afraid of heights as this climb is much shorter and only goes half way to the top. At the end of the climb you receive a certificate and group photo and there is the option to purchase a personal picture too!
After all the climbing we had worked up quite an appetite so headed to Pancakes on the Rocks – A great little sweet and savoury pancake house in the Rocks district, the food was delicious!
As the weather was so nice we decided to take full advantage and headed to Bondi beach – as did the rest of the world apparently, it was packed! We didn’t have much time to spare so we did about half an hour on either side and then headed home. I have to say, if you want a kick up the bum to join a gym and keep fit, head to Bondi beach as everyone is so toned and tanned that the first thing I will be doing when we set foot in the UK is join a legs, bums and tums fitness class and a session on the sun beds! Very jealous!
We made a quick dash to dinner in Newtown at the Animal at the Newtown Hotel. Another great restaurant, very meat orientated, we ordered some BBQ ribs, chicken, beef and pork slices to share (don’t worry we had some salads too, WE HAD JUST BEEN TO BONDI REMEMBER!)

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