Australia Day 9 and 10

There literally hasn’t been any time to write my final post so I’m doing it now as we’ve just arrived back in the UK.

After our amazing Hunter Valley tour we had a lazy lie in before packing up and heading off to find some breakfast. What we did stumble across was infact the chocolate and fudge factory which of course we had to stop at! I bought a rather large slab of ‘Cowboy’ fudge named after the shot (Irish cream, white rum and butterscotch). I did choose to not eat this for breakfast though, as we did find a nice little cafe called Vittorio’s to stop at and of course indulged in my last Eggs Benny of the trip!
We then headed back towards Sydney and stopped about halfway home in Terrigal – a sweet little beach side town. We spent a bit of time catching some final rays on the gorgeous sandy beach (coming home still a pasty white colour was not an option!). Again we were lucky with the weather as it was about 28 degrees although a little windy but I hear that’s better for the tan 😉
We had a quick bit of lunch and a look round in the town where I came across the Designer Emporium and was very nearly convinced to buy a new pair of sunnies from Sydney brand Sunday Somewhere. However I refrained as I knew we would soon be at duty free haha! We headed home and had a simple spaghetti bolognese and reminisced about our amazing 10 days in Australia.
Day 10 – our final day (holds back tears). Our flight didn’t leave until early evening so we packed our suitcases ready to leave and headed for a final look round in the close by town of Chatswood. On our way we spotted an open home and couldn’t resist taking a look around (of course after carefully fabricating our ‘we’re moving to Sydney’ story!) it was a cute 2 bed just around the corner from Dan and Freya, though the carpets and paintwork were fresh there was certainly a lot of love needed!
There was one thing we needed to do in Chatswood on our last day that would be sure to cheer us up! Visit Pet Town in the Westfield mall! Why are these not in the UK!! So many cute little puppies for sale and we even got to hold some of them! Tempted to bring them home was an understatement! So we bought one!!! Just kidding!! I wish that’s how the trip ended!!
A little sad that we physically couldn’t take a puppy back to the UK I drowned my sorrows in Ralph Lauren! The concept of duty free had been forgotten and I ended up with these ‘puppies’ 😉
It was time to go. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the holiday! Thanks so much to everyone who made it great and to Becks and Scott for letting us stay with them in New Zealand and Freya and Dan in Sydney!
Until next time!

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