Birthday in Lockdown

So I turned 29 yesterday, 10th May and I like many other people have had to celebrate a Birthday in these strange circumstances. So I thought I would share my experience and some lockdown Birthday ideas!

First of all, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Usually for my Birthday I would go our for every meal of the day so I don’t have to cook or clean, it’s basically a Birthday tradition of mine, not lifting a finger haha! Although of course it blows the bank budget! A meal at a swanky London haunt is a must, as are lashings of presents (mainly clothes that I have chosen for myself!)

When I say it now it sounds very materialistic and self indulgent but hey what are Birthdays for?! So don’t be despondent that you can’t have that big Birthday bash you had planned with a zillion guests, we will all be able to celebrate together at some point so there’s no point feeling bad, you can have an equally as fabulous day in lockdown and here’s how:

Breakfast in bed – Underrated! Being forced to stay at home is the perfect excuse for someone to bring you a bacon butty without you even having to move!

Games – Again, underrated fun! Our games of choice were Uno which we played for about 2 hours and a good ol’ game of croquet which I found in the shed, which had never even been opened!

Playing croquet with the fam (I won obvs)

Tik Tok – Of course you must film a Birthday Tik Tok and get the whole fam involved, easily and hour of entertainment whilst you teach everyone their roles and what they are supposed to be doing!

Decorations – I have never truly appreciated a Birthday banner and a balloon! It really is the little things! We left up our ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons from my boyfriend’s Birthday a couple of weeks ago, they cost me £7.99 from New Look, arrived the next day and they will last for ever, just blow them up with the little straw that comes with it every year! Bargain, these babies will be making an appearance for every Birthday going forward. I’ve been sending Bubblegum balloons to my friends on special occasions, they have something for everyone and deliver straight to their door. Order well in advance though as they have limited delivery slots and understandably are very busy!

Happy Birthday sign from New Look

Food – Who doesn’t love a picnic! We have been on lockdown in Torquay, Devon and there is a fabulous local company that my friend Lydia’s family run called My Kitchen who offer a delicious selection of home delivery meals (we had lasagne for my boyfriend’s birthday) including an afternoon tea for £12.50 which has sandwiches, sweet treats and scones with jam and cream, even your own little tea bag too! They also deliver roasts on a Sunday so of course we had one for dinner, make sure to order in advance though the roasts are very popular! I’m looking forward to having the Katsu curry next!

Afternoon tea from My Kitchen Torquay £12.50 each
Enjoying our afternoon tea in the garden
Roast dinner delivered straight to the door from My Kitchen
Eating our Sunday roast

Think Local – Just like we have been using local food delivery My Kitchen as above, now is a great time to shop local and support your community businesses if you are giving a gift as well! There are plenty of flower shops and garden centres that are delivering and also cake companies making extravagant birthday cakes (check out these amazing creations from cakednco). My Mum and Dad sent me a gorgeous package from Les Fleurs in Paignton which contained flowers, a bottle of bubbly, some chocolates, a prosecco flavoured candle and a balloon!

Birthday bundle from Les Fleurs

Virtual chat – Set a date with your friends and family online and have a good old chin wag, play a quiz, play some drinking games and pop open a bottle of something fun.

Put on something fancy – Get dressed up, it’s your Birthday remember, do it in style! I opted for a new emerald green 3 piece shorts suit I got from River Island now that they are delivering again, yay! Then I changed into another mint green suit from Zara which I got in a half price sale – yes 2 outfits and I didn’t take my crown off all day haha but if you can’t be boujis on your birthday when can you? Have a look at my Fashion In Lockdown blog for more fashion savvy ideas to look good and stay on trend at home.

outfit change!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it and make it something to remember. I learnt that all I needed was a bit of sun, my family oh yeah and great food! 29 is looking to be just fine!


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