Brand Fan – Olive Clothing

If you’ve been in the UK over the past few days then like me you will have been enjoying the sunshine and spring like feeling in the air, from little lambs to daffodils we’re ready to say goodbye to winter!

So a new season means a new wardrobe right? Absolutely, I already purchased my first spring piece last week in the form of a mustard yellow leather jacket from Zara for just £39.99!!!

And if you’re a social media junkie like I’ve become recently then there is one brand who’s popping up all over Instagram and who’s spring collection is just everything, you literally will not need to look anywhere else!

Olive Clothing – unfortunately they only have a store in Cheltenham and the rest is done online, which is ok once you’ve bought one item but online is always a difficult one when you haven’t bought from the brand before as sizes nowadays seem to vary quite considerably!

Anyway I’ve selected my favourite spring pieces to share with you and trust me once you’ve had one look at their Instagram #ootd’s you’ll be sold!

Apron Dress £39 Striped T shirt £35

Stripe Tshirt £39 Dungarees £42

White sweatshirt £48 Apron Dress £48

So the only questions is, what outfit to buy first??? Just a quick note, not all the items are still in stock so I have replaced with something similar where necessary!

Also the pictures are not my own (wish they were as they are amazing) I old you their Instagram is amazing, so what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

Happy Shopping!


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