Brits 2015 – Artists, Awards, Apparel.

Nearly a week later and we’re still talking about it, enough of Madonna’s mishap and Ye’s muted material, here are my thoughts on the UK’s biggest night in music.


Best Performance:

100% have to give this to Ed Sheeran. I actually did a video for 4 music a couple of weeks ago talking about his single ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and how his recent songs are a little more ballady than his original raw stuff with just him and the loop pedal. And so low and behold he comes out with just his guitar and loop pedal and smashes his new release ‘Bloodstream’. Maybe he watched my video? And on that note I’d like to take credit for Mr Sheeran going back to his old musical genius ways! No biggy! Thanks Ed!


Best outfit:lisa-snowdon-brit-awards-2015-brits

I’m actually going to give this to Lisa Snowdon from Capital FM. I listen to the breakfast show every morning and often find myself laughing out loud which just proves this girl has the banter and apparently also the buff body which she happily showed off in her colourful mini dress by Balmain.


Would have liked to have seen more of:

FKA Twigs and Years and Years. FKA Twigs has such talent, her falsetto vocals are beautiful and her lyrics and beats have a lot of imagination and meaning. If you haven’t heard her stuff, check out ‘Two Weeks’ in the video below. Trust me, once you listen to the intro I guarantee you will be like ‘OMG I’ve definitely heard this before!!’. Yes I know Years and Years were on the after show with Laura Whitmore but I was disappointed they didn’t have more of the spotlight in the main show, I really think this group of 3 guys are one to watch in 2015, in fact their new release ‘King’ is currently at number 1 in the itunes chart.


The trophy design:brit award

I LOVE IT! The colours really do it for me, anything in those pretty pastel colours, very spring like, a great design by Tracey Emin who is usually a little more edgy but her softer side seems to have expressed itself here. The rosette on the back looks cute too! Let’s just say, if it were an item of clothing, I would totally wear it!


International Female Solo Artist:

Well it’s about bloomin’ time!!!! I’m so glad Tay Tay won this one, after bringing guilty pleasure pop classics to our ears for the last 8 years she totally deserved this one. I’ve never seen an artist more appreciative of a Brit which just goes to show how passionate she is about her career!


Sam Smith vs Ed Sheeran:

The two males who dominated the nominations. Sam has really come from nowhere and blown us all away, with his sell out world tour, millions of loyal followers, hit after hit after hit and simply an all round ‘nice guy!’ Although he may be single at the moment, no need to feel lonely Sam, the whole world loves you! We’re also very proud of Ed Sheeran who first graced our screens (and ears) with his SBTV rap ‘You need me’ and look at him now – well he looks no different! Which is one of the many reasons we love him, with his floppy ginger hair it’s nice to see a British artist keeping it real!


Would love to know your thoughts on the Brits, feel free to share!




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