I’ve been in London for over 5 years now and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of great bars, restaurants and entertainment venues that I’ve never ventured to! Exhibit A: Circus in Covent Garden. Although I have previously been into this venue sober on a Tuesday morning to show some clients an option for an event space I had not yet seen the place in action – and boy is there some action!

We’re talking fire breathers, hula hooping aerobatics from the ceiling, tasteful choreography, sexy burlesque and some semi naked men thrown in for good measure! Each performance begins as almost setting the scene for a story before the action kicks in. The acts fulfil all genres from rock and roll chaos to elegant ballet all accompanied by eccentrically fabulous garments that would make the celebrities on strictly come dancing jealous!

We attended as a group of 12 for my flat mate Tugba’s 30th Birthday.


Beautiful Birthday Girl!

If you’re part of a big group you may even be lucky enough to dine at the feet of the acts (I really do mean the feet of the acts as they swing just inches above your head from equipment cleverly attached to the ceiling), a huge marble table makes the centre piece acting as both dining space and stage.


The 3 course meal is served between performances and the lights fade to black reminding you to remove your beverages from the performance space before the buzz of the next show begins.


It’s not just renowned for entertainment, Circus serves up some flavoursome pan Asian cuisine accompanied by a mouth watering selection of cocktails, wines and spirits. Even if you are not on the main table, don’t be disappointed as the restaurant is arranged to give everyone a great view.

IMG_0127 IMG_0104 IMG_0038

The venue itself is very creative, tucked down a cobbled Covent Garden street you could almost miss the entrance if it wasn’t for the bulky bouncer on the door and hostesses dressed to the nines giving a teasing example of the cabaret to come. The dining space itself is arranged to focus on the main stage table overlooked by the open kitchen. A thin layer of smoke machine cloud hovers over head creating a mysterious and magical atmosphere. The circus ring leader can be seen meandering through the restaurant over seeing everyone’s enjoyment and keeping a watchful eye on his circus stars.

An evening of fun not to be missed, tables can be booked up to 3 months in advance (believe me if you’re considering a Friday or Saturday shin dig you will need to book in advance) whatever the celebration, even for after work drinks and of course Christmas is just around the corner and this venue is ideal to get the office lot going!

Happy entertaining!



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