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New Year, new you? We’ve made it through the first month of 2017 and I don’t know if you’re like me but this is the time to put together the rest of the year, including the good ol’ New Year resolutions! So what are yours?

One of mine has to be to do more travelling (not to mention successfully funding the travelling!) and I’ve got to say I’m pretty pleased so far as we spent the New Year in Copenhagen, holiday 1 tick!

Plus just last night we booked our flights to New Zealand, Australia and Bali in March, holiday 2 tick! Although my bank account isn’t quite as excited as I am!

Anyway, enough about me starting the New Year in minus numbers (not one of the resolutions btw) I thought I’d share my Copenhagen journey with you all so if you’re heading there this year OR you’re thinking of a European City to embark on an adventure I hope you’ll finish reading this post and be as enthusiastic as a kid in a candy store!

Where to stay

So we actually rented an apartment in Islands Brygge which between 4 of us worked out pretty well. Coming from London where you’re lucky enough to get a 2 bed bigger than a shoe box for a minimum rent of £1500 pcm we were so surprised by the size of this 2 bed.

It had a large lounge with access to a big balcony, a semi separate kitchen tucked round the corner, 2 decent sized bedrooms with built in storage, one en suite and one family bathroom.

It was also super modern, included Netflix (oh yes we took advantage of this and watched the classic Wedding Crashers) and even a coffee machine.

There’s a local supermarket on the corner and it’s a 15 minute walk max to the center of Copenhagen across the bridge. It’s a pretty big apartment block too so it feels safe, it’s also quite quiet if you like to stay a little outside the hustle and bustle. Book here.

I’ve also heard the most amazing things about Hotel D’angleterre, it’s apparently the best hotel in Copenhagen which I’m sure comes with a hefty price tag but it was the most beautiful building and the location can’t be beat. Close to the picturesque Nyhavn and literally on top of Stroget the main shopping district. Book here.

Where to eat

OMG Copenhagen is such a foodie place, there are sooooo many great choices, we didn’t get to experience them all but here are the ones we did…

Warpigs – Found in the Meat Packing District, this casual social hot spot is perfect for getting in a few beers and settling down to a mouth watering meat feast. Certainly not for the veggies out there (sorry guys) but if you enjoy anything from chicken wings to BBQ ribs I can 100% guarantee you will love it here!

There’s also pulled pork dishes, in fact pork is everywhere in Copenhagen as Denmark is one of the biggest pork distributors in the world! Perfect lunch spot!

Gorilla – Also in the Meat Packing District, actually just next door to Warpigs (I promise, we did venture further afield, it’s just that the food in the MPD is sooooo damn good!) Definitely a dinner option as it is far more expensive than its meaty neighbour, Gorilla has a bit of everything on the menu including classic pasta dishes, fresh fish platters, oysters and even hotdogs.

I would highly recommend the tasting menu which is what we went for, although not just one of you can have it either the whole table participates or no one does, so make sure you’re all on the same page!

You also can’t choose the dishes in the tasting menu, you get what you’re given but I can tell you that it was all amazing! We went for the 15 dish option and shared 15 assorted small dishes of starters, main courses and puds.

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen’s BEST food market and probably the most famous too!

Basically 2 large glass house structures full of all the freshest food you can imagine. Including sushi, sweet cakes, soups and of course the famous Danish open sandwiches SMORREBROD which you have to try here!

There’s indoor seating available but if you can, grab a table outside in the courtyard.

The Union Kitchen – If you’re looking for brunch, well look no further. The Union Kitchen is THE place to go for brunch, it’s super close to the beautiful Nyhavn and serves everything brunch orientated including smoked salmon and avocado on toast, a selection of eggs including my fav eggs benny, yoghurt and granola, croissants, fruit, sweet french toast and waffles.

What can I say, pretty perfect hey! Unfortunately when we got there is was closed (sad sad times!) absolutely gutted but I’ve had 7534648449 recommendations so it MUST be good!

Noma – The world’s best restaurant! Need I say more?!

Areas to visit

There’s so much to see in Copenhagen, every corner you turn leads into a different district and they are surprisingly different!

Meat Packing District – Just like in NYC, the MPD has an industrial feel, for you Londoners out there it is similar to the warehouse lined streets of Shoreditch. Cobbled streets are lined with glass fronted restaurants, home to some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen as well as a food market too.

Nyhavn – The picturesque street that you see in every advertisement of Copenhagen, a beautiful canal passage surrounded by the most brightly coloured houses. Hans Christian Andersen used to live at number 20!

Christiania – An area to the south that literally has its own rules and as such is quite a hippy culture. As much as I think you definitely need to see it, there’s really not much there and it’s quite run down, so grab a bike and take a quick ride through, just to tick it off the list!

Stroget – For the shopaholics out there, this is the best street to take a stroll down and purchase your latest fashion must haves! From H&M to Topshop, Abercrombie and Fitch to Zara and Michael Kors to Burberry it has it all!


The Little Mermaid Statue – She really is very little! Further to the East of Nyhavn it’s a shortish walk to get to but again definitely one to go and get a selfie with!

Now for the history lesson – she’s been a main tourist attraction since 1913 and of course based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, son of the Carlsberg founder based on the ballerina in the Little Mermaid ballet Ellen Price, although she refused to pose naked for the sculpture the body is based on the sculptor Edvard Eriksen’s wife Eline Eriksen.

Rosenborg Slot – The Dutch Renaissance Palace and Gardens is gorgeous, there’s a museum inside (for those that need to fulfill their cultural museum tour check list) which also contains the crown jewels! Fancy!

Amalienborg – The Queen’s winter residence! This is a complex of palaces, similar to that of Buckingham Palace, complete with marching displays by the Royal Guards.

Tivoli – You MUST visit here, if you don’t then I don’t think you can really tell people you’ve seen Copenhagen! I mean it’s the inspiration or Disney World AND home to the world’s oldest rollercoaster which is still driven by an actual person! None of this technology!

Entry is cheap but rides are quite expensive, particularly the big ones, I definitely would recommend the loop the loop rollercoaster and the oldest rollercoatser. There’s also a huge selection of restaurants in the park and cute little cafes serving cakes and mulled wine!

What to wear

As I’m writing about winter holidays, you will certainly need to dress for the occasion, it’s bloody freezing!

Zara faux fur collar biker jacket £89.99 – Fashionable and so warm that you literally don’t need to wear anything under it haha! Plus you can fasten the collar up all the way so it covers your chin, cosy!

Black Ugg Gloves £90 – Not just a fashionable winter warmer but also super functional as they work with touch screen, there’s nothing worse than having to take your hand out of your glove, find somewhere to tuck it and/or risk dropping it whilt trying to answer your phone or take a picture.

Pom Pom hat Popski London £55 – In case I hadn’t stressed it enough, it’s cold! But these double pom pom hats are soooo fashionable, just ask anyone on The Jump!

Tips and tricks in Copenhagen

Do a bike tour! – Honestly this is the best way to see all of the City and quickly! Although it’s up and out early (meet at 9.45am to set off at 10am) you really get to see it all, take in the sights and tourist destinations as well as visiting the best areas. I’d recommend doing this near the beginning of the trip so you can pick the places you like best to revisit.

If you’re thinking of booking a bike tour please use Bike Copenhagen with Mike. Mike knows his stuff but he also takes no shit so don’t mess him around!

This was one of the best things we could have done in Copenhagen and the prices are pretty good too, although wear appropriate clothing as the wind can get chilly, my brand new Whistles boots probably weren’t the most sensible choice!

Have a Carsberg – Just because! It originates from Denmark so you just have to! It’s basically in your holiday insurance contract!

I hope I’ve helped with booking your winter city break, let me know if you have any more questions! If you’ve already been to Copenhagen where was your fav place to go?


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