Fun at Tylney Hall

Kinda sounds like the title of a Famous 5 novel! (apart from there were 3 of us and no dog!) but full of adventure nonetheless!

Another bank holiday, another chance to squeeze as much fun, food and relaxation as possible into 3 short days. And no better place to do so than the amazing Tylney Hall in Rotherwick, Hampshire.

Although a word of advice – don’t leave London on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend anytime between 4-10pm when the rest of London also decide to escape to the country too – It took about 3 hours to do 30 miles!!! Worth the wait though when you wind your way along the tree lined green grounds of the beautiful old English Hall set in 66 acres of land.

Although we arrived late we were quickly escorted to our garden room and booked in for dinner within half an hour thanks to the helpful staff who looked after us from the minute we arrived until the minute we left.

Our room wasn’t actually in the main hall, we were in one of the garden suites.

View from our room
Inside the room

Perfect for all 3 of us as it was like a small lodge over 2 floors, easy access to the pool, spa and gardens – however you do have a short walk back to the main hotel which means battling any rain that may be falling. Not a huge problem though as at every entrance and exit you will find a stand of Tylney branded umbrellas! Talking about branding, there are a few merchandise items that you can purchase to remember your stay including these comfy slippers provided in your room for £5.

Of course I was trying to show off my toe nails here too, courtesy of Natalia one of the beauty therapists. I normally just go for a sexy red or vibrant pink but I wanted something a little different this time, this gorgeous baby blue from Jessica nails is perfect for a fresh summer look. They also offer ‘gerleration’ by Jessica which I am yet to try but hear it’s amazing!

The best thing about this place besides the grandeur architecture and relaxing atmosphere is the fact that you don’t have to go off site, everything you need is here for the taking. For the young, old, adventurous and chillaxers there is something for everyone and not a moment wasted on boredom.


1. Bike Riding

No need to even bring your own bikes as you can hire them from the concierge free of charge! The helpful staff were also on hand to suggest the best routes to take through the grounds. We stopped at picturesque points along the way to take in the views and of course the many photo opportunities!

Me and Daddio
Mother doing a trick!
Myself doing a trick

2. Tennis

One of my favorite sports! There are 2 tennis courts at Tylney Hall, no need to book just grab your rackets and get your serve on! Mum and I played and she absolutely thrashed me! Even so I was impressed with my playing ability as i hadn’t played in quite some time. The courts never seemed too busy and the other guests were polite in respecting the maximum 1 hour of play rule if there are others waiting.


3. Snooker

The same goes for snooker, in fact we played for soooo long I think it put off a few bystanders to have a go. (considering our dining table used to turn into a snooker table we clearly spent more time eating there than playing!) Mum and I vs Dad and we won!! It was very close, in fact just down to the last ball which i successfully potted after chasing it round the table.

Looking very professional Mr C!

4. Croquet

Does anyone actually know the rules? If so, please post below as we watched about 5 other families play and not one seemed to be playing the same game! The croquet lawn is situated just outside the library where there is also a beautiful patio seating area which we ensconced ourselves at for a spot of lunch everyday. The croquet lawn was always very busy, so we ventured back about 7pm one evening when the younger children would be at dinner and all that was left outside were the pre dinner drinkers. We set up the pitch with 6 of the pole things that you hit the ball through – 4 round in a circle and 2 coming down the middle to hit the end pole. It was a close game with Dad getting off to a flying start but was soon caught up by us girls. Mum won again! That’s 3 -0 to Mumma!!


5. Swimming

There are actually 2 swimming pools at Tylney Hall, and indoor and an outdoor,  cowardly i have to admit i did not try the outdoor pool although I did test it with my hand to confirm the 36 degree temperature and I must admit it was hotter than the indoor! The indoor pool was great, not too hot not too cold. There was also a jacuzzi and conservatory style seating areas bathed in sunlight.

Taking a dip indoors

Definitely not taking a dip in the outdoor pool!

6. Walking

Tylney hall is set in 66 acres of land with many walking, jogging and cycling routes labelled on a map of the grounds that comes with your welcome pack in the hotel room. There are beautiful gardens, muddy footpaths and ponds dotted in between. The hotel also allows dogs to stay but this must be arranged prior to arriving and they are only allowed in designated areas.

7. Finally you can partake in a spot of clay pigeon shooting and archery – which unfortunately we didn’t book in advance and being a bank holiday places were very limited so i would definitely advise booking this beforehand.

8. For the even more adventurous, Tylney Hall also offers hot air balloon rides, something i have never actually done and is the at the top of the list of activities to tick off – of course though it is completely weather dependent!

Besides participating in the above activities you can of course simply chill out in the many tea rooms offering traditional cream teas and garden picnic areas (they will actually make you your own picnic!!) or indulge in some of the many spa treatments on offer for both men and women. There are even a selection of board games to play in the library after a delicious dinner in the dining room!

Simply a perfect place to unwind for all the family.

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More pictures below 🙂

Lexie xxx

The Ponds
View from the rowing lake
Cocktails at the croquet lawn
Cocktails at tea time
Cocktails and cream tea
Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails!!!
Mumma and Papa in the gardens

Mamma and Papa on a bridge

Gates to paradise!
Thought this was cool! Peace!
Who is this little guy hiding in the bushes?
Beautiful streams

Kisses in the sky!

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