Mini European Tour Day 3 – Lake Geneva to Seez

Today really was a mini European tour as we crossed the border not only into Switzerland but out the other side into Italy and then back into France! 3 countries in 1 day! ?

The weather this morning was beautiful, it was definitely a shorts day! Our first stop was Martigny (Switzerland) where we attempted to find the motor museum but ended up in the St Bernard Museum, fine by me I’m all up for seeing a museum of dogs! A good choice all round as the musee de chien St Bernard is where the beautiful dogs are now kept and trained by the Barry Foundation (Barry was the most famous St Bernard recognised for his bravery).


In fact Martigny is also known for Swiss wine and the start/finish, depending on which way you’re travelling, of the Col du Grand Saint Bernard (hence the museum). As it is a popular pass connecting Geneva and Turino all year round there is the option to use the 6km toll tunnel – we of course chose instead to take the mountain pass road across the summit!imageimage

Following on from Col du Grand Saint Bernard is the Col du Petit Saint Bernard. Famously used in the filming of the opening scenes of the Italian Job. It is actually one of the most dangerous roads to drive on but as I’m writing this post it’s safe to say we made it across in one piece (I’m glad we found that fact out after completing said Col!)


Here is where we crossed into Italy and needed to remember to greet with a Bonjourno instead of Bonjour! We quickly said Arrivederci to Italie and crossed back into France ready to descend the mountain into Seez, our final destination of the day. A very pretty chalet style hotel Auberge du Val Joli set in the mountains overlooking the scenes below. The hotel had it’s own restaurant so we didn’t even have to leave to eat!


French sentence of the day:

1. Avez Vous de beurre? (Do you have any butter? Asked on many occasions as butter may not always accompany the bread basket!)


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