Music for the weekend

I thought I’d update you on some brand new music hitting our airwaves and pick my 6 top favourite songs right now! Perfect timing for accompanying your weekend, whatever you may be up to these will be guaranteed to make you feel good!

Jonas Brothers ft Karol G – X

We always need a bit of reggaeton as we head into the summer and the Jonas Bros ft Columbian singer / singwriter Karol G is fulfilling the need this year! They made a huge comeback last year with ‘Sucker’ after laying low for the last 6 years and if this song is anything to go back they are welcomed back with open arms! Like the Spanish language itself this song makes you want to get up and salsa, it’s sexy and fun and flirtatious too with lyrics like ‘Kiss me like you ex is in the room’.

Four Of Diamonds and Mr Eazi – The Writer

Sound familiar? That’s because Four Of Diamonds were a girlband from The X Factor back in 2016 and they are making a HUGE comeback with this new single ft Mr Eazi, The Writer. The world needs another girlband to compete with the Little Mix girls and Four Of Diamonds bring a bit more cheesy pop to the mix with some classic ooh and ahh backing vocals. The video reminds me very much of The Saturdays Notorious. The lyrics will have you throwing your paperwork out the window for the weekend and pumping your fist for freedom too with the lyrics of ‘Tell ’em they should get back in their place’ and the cheeky ‘we ain’t the ones to quit we don’t take no shhhh’ and the general motto ‘it’s our life, we are the writer’ is a nice reminder, you do you babes!

Jason Mraz – Look For The Good

Only Jason Mraz can continuously pull this signature sound out of the bag and make it sound cool rather than a big cheese fest. Jason is a big fan of reggae music and it’s rhythms and revolutionary meaning of the lyrics which is why it fits so nicely with this injection of positivity that is ‘Look For The Good’ .

Ronan Keating – Little Thing Called Love

No this isn’t Ronan’s take on Buble’s ‘This Thing Called Love’, this is his brand new single to help us all get through these testing times, very well timed Ronan! He is asking us punters to get involved too by submitting our own videos to his website sharing our own little bits of love to remind people what matters most right now. Basically you can’t listen to this song and not feel happy, so go ahead!

Marshmello and Halsey – Be Kind

Another feel good tune with meaningful lyrics but hidden by a catchy pop riff and stylised vocals, this is ideal listening for me, subconsciously being told a message but not being too overcome by it because I’m enjoying the music too much haha! And Halsey’s voice is like melted chocolate, very calming and delicious to listen to, mix that with Marshmello’s musical genius and you have yourself a hit!

Disclosure ft Eko Roosevelt – Tondo

This is the background music of my life right now, it’s what I’d love to be listening to at a beach club in Ibiza whilst snacking on some calamari and sipping a cocktail! It is sunshine and fun wrapped up into a song and will definitely put you in a chilled happy mood.

So there you go, happy listening! Did I miss anything? What are your favourite songs right now? Let me know!


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