My First Property Development

Thanks for all the love on my recent property renovation project, I thought I would share my very first development project in West London back in 2016.

This was the 2nd property we bought but the first one we decided to do work on. It was a 1 1/2 bed with a large double and teeny tiny single, separate kitchen and substantial living room.

As well as needing a cosmetic update with a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings, flooring and doors and a modern kitchen and bathroom, we also decided to do a bit of rejigging and make it into a proper 2 bed and here’s how…

The layout originally as you walked in went kitchen, single bedroom, living room on the right and bathroom and double bedroom on the left. We didn’t touch the left hand side really other than adding a coat and laundry cupboard. But on the right we removed all the walls to make a good size open plan kitchen / reception and then 2nd double bedroom.

This was the separate kitchen before
Ripping out the kitchen
Which is now the 2nd double bedroom, we moved the wall along to the left to make it a better size

We also knocked down the wall between the single bedroom and the living room and moved it along towards the window slightly to make just two rooms on the right, the 2nd double bedroom and the open plan kitchen / living room – see below

This was the slim single bedroom
Now the kitchen which is open plan with the living room

Here’s a look through the walls from the living room looking back towards the front door.

Moving walls around

Here are some more before and after pictures of the property.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After
Main Bedroom Before
Main Bedroom After
Living Room Before
Living Room during works, you can see where the wall used to be just before the window which is now the open plan kitchen
And After

My favourite thing has to be the exposed brick wall! My boyfriend and I love this industrial look, we incorporated it into our most recent development too, you can read about that here. Although our latest project had the brick underneath the plaster, this property didn’t so it had to be created it instead. Brick slats were used which are the shaved front parts of a brick instead of a whole brick which would have made the room ever so slightly smaller. Remember every square inch of space counts when it comes to basing prices on the size!

Creating the exposed brick wall
The finished look

Here’s a video of the whole project

I love gathering inspiration for future developments so please share your thoughts, ideas and your own projects with me, I’d love to take a look! And make sure to have a read through my other property projects here.


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