How to nail the LFW styles this weekend

London Fashion Week may be over for another season but don’t worry if you didn’t get involved last weekend because from Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th London Fashion Weekend Festival takes over. Another 4 days of fashion, style and catwalk shows held at the official LFW space new for this year at The Store studios on The Strand.

London Fashion Weekend Festival is a 4 day event that takes place after LFW, you can catch designer and trend fashion shows, a huge selection of clothing stores to shop at, including my fav Never Fully Dressed and some talks from industry professionals. So what’s everyone been wearing to LFW and what key pieces do you need to get your hands on for the weekend ahead? Here’s a couple of myself over the last few days and my 5 step guide to your weekend wardrobe…

Attending the N and S Gaia show #thehybrid

Attending the #groomingroom launch at Century Club Soho

1. Comfy shoes  – Yup, you’ll be on your feet a lot, browsing through all of those rails and you don’t want to find out why killer heels are called killer heels so get yourself some cosy kicks! If you’re looking for a bit of a heel I found these gorgeous shiny boots from Next for £75 they’re like doc martins with a heel and they look great with skinny jeans or shirt dresses. Also, hot off the press are these backless loafers that are really on trend right now, you can afford to go a little funky and out there with these shoes to dress up your outfit, a bonus is that they’re flat so deffo no painful souls! Check out these beauts from River Island £45.


2. Casual coat over the shoulder look – because wearing a coat just isn’t cool anymore! AND it’s actually getting into double figures here in London so it can get a tad warm but as soon as darkness creeps in the wind doth blow and it gets a little nippy. Try out this number from Mango for £59.99 after seeing my friend Gabs in it and becoming a little bit obsessed I’ve now spotted it about 4 times in the Insta posts of fashion bloggers which means it’s definitely on the hit list! OR how about this biker chic classic worn by yours truly by Zara £89.99 OR a furry 70s must have from Hotmess for just £40 in the sale!

3. Accessorize like a pro! Accessories are THE BEST way to dress up an outfit and not have to fork out for an entire new ensemble to stand out from the crowd. The hottest trend of the moment is of course chokers; low cut neck line? Choker. Basic T shirt? Choker. Hair up and off the face? Choker. My new found fav has to be Timeless Junk which is sold on Silk Fred, I wore this velvet, tassled piece of gorgeousness and it just completed my outfit for just £13!

4. One of these Ts – Now I’m not a massive Tshirt kind of person so I haven’t jumped on this band wagon yet but I do think other people have pulled them off fantastically whether that’s over some skinny jeans, leather trousers or on its own as a mini dress and get those pins out! Try this for rock chick chic, Miss Pap £15

5. Do do denim! And lots of it, in fact the more denim the better! Double denim, even triple denim has been donned by fashion’s elite during LFW so it’s time for those ripped jeans and denim jackets to come back out, again! Here’s some jeans with a mini rip (I just can’t work this whole ripped jeans look unfortunately! But I’m sure you girls can!) these are £26.99 from In The Style. Team with this denim jacket also from In The Style for £39.99 and you’re good to go!


Happy shopping, hope to see you at London Fashion Week Festival, let me know what you’ll be wearing! Tickets here…  p.s. there’s even luxe tickets if you want to get in the FROW!



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