New Artists Showcase – Playtime at Under The Bridge

I have always been a music fan and having studied a degree in music my enthusiasm and interest has grown, especially in my love of live music from various genres. So no better place to be on a Tuesday night than at a showcase of new talent in Fulham’s venue ‘Under the Bridge’ located under the Chelsea Stamford Bridge Stadium.

A great little venue hosting many gigs, not just live music but events, showcases and launches, I was actually there about a year ago for the wrap of a Made in Chelsea series. The venue is actually larger than you would think with 2 bars, a large stage, huge dressing room area, tables and booths as well as standing room for around 550 people. For details of upcoming events please visit or follow @utblondon

The event I was invited to attend was a showcase of talent agency 141a Management, I was there  supporting my amazing friend Yasmina who is part of up and coming girlband Rouge Kiss. A Pussycat Dolls style pop band consisting of 6 gorgeous girls. All with great unique vocal talents, their covers of pop songs including Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’, Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’ really showcased their flexibility and range. Unfortunately I can’t post anything about them yet but watch this space as I expect you will be seeing them around soon!

Before the acts began we were introduced to the hosts of the show which included Kojo (@kojoofficial) host of capital xtra,  Fontz (@itsfontz), presenter of radio 1 extra and club host, Vicky Hope (@vicknhope) popular presenter for music related channels including vevo, 4Music and Virgin Music and comedian Jamie Howard (@jamiehowardhaha) who liked to involve the audience a lot.

The first act up was talented singer/songwriter Max Stone @maxstonemusic, originally from my hometown Devon! His rough and raw vocals were full of emotional strength when accompanied by acoustic guitar and were even more empowering combined with his entire band who really clicked as a team, they were constantly making eye contact with one another and seemed to enjoy each others company on stage. What makes Max’s creative talent even more unique is his use of megaphones in his songs, really adding to the atmosphere and energy and let’s face it – such a cool sound!

Fire in the hole – Max Stone

Chasing Dreams – Max Stone – i actually can’t get this out of my head! Catchy little tune!

Next up were girlband CXV24 – Francessca, Temple, Soheila, Yasmin and shae, a fiesty 5 piece who really were the epitome of dirty pop. With powerful club baselines mixed with catchy pop riffs and choruses their music really wouldn’t sound out of place in the current charts, it seems to be a popular opinion as one of their first gigs was in front of a 2,000 strong audience in Heaven Nightclub where the crowd went wild. And wild they are – their ‘bad ass’ swagger is reflected in their fierce attitude as well as their attire (I’m talking pink hair, mesh crop tops, spikey heeled traniers, funky leggings and abs galore). It’s not all about looks though – these girls can not only vocalise but are extremely talented dancers too – (they were popping, locking and even twerking all over the place!) In fact they produce all of their own choreography. Combining their unique look, hardcore personality and grungy beats makes them a breath of fresh air in the niche girl group music market – you really can’t take your eyes or ears off them!

I actually thought their best song was ‘It’s on me’ a catchy tune about buying the bar it seems including lyrics such as ‘you’re drinking I’m buying’ perfect for a night out! Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying it to record but here is a little sample from their performance at Gay Pride – soundcloud stream for this one soon please girls!

Showstopper – CXV24

Following the girlband was more female talent from Havva (@havvaofficial) who has just recorded the soundtrack to upcoming UK feature film by Ash and Naeem Mahmood ‘Brash Young Turks’ (@brashyoungturks) alongside grime artist @ddoublee7. Unfortunately there were a couple of sound issues on the night so my recording isn’t great but here it is below anyway as well as is a preview of the film.


To find out more information about any of the artists above please contact 141a Management at

All in all a great show to see some upcoming artists and remember you saw them here first!


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