New Zealand day 7

So day 6 consisted of more driving for 5 hours back to Rotarua to see Luke’s Mum. Lots of catching up was done but again pretty exhausted from the travelling!

Then this morning we left early to head back to Auckland. After touring a few local towns such as Howick and Botany we joined up with James for lunch. James and his girlfriend Alex recently stayed with us in London so it was great to catch up. We lunched at a smart restaurant in Mount Eden called Scarlet Slims and Lucky. We even managed to sit outside as the sun came out and to top it off the food was great! Perfect size portions and not massively expensive.

James enjoying the sun

They had a funky menu too, I appreciate the little things that make a place unique.

Next we headed back to Ponsonby Road where Becks and I dined at Blue Breeze the other night. We went to a little restaurant called Orphans Kitchen which is owned by a couple of Luke’s friends Josh and Tom. Very cool place and very popular with the locals and I can see why! The staff were all friendly and the menu looked tasty, they also serve brunch Wednesday through to the weekend, as brunch is one of my favourite activities for a Saturday this was music to my ears! The restaurant also brings a different atmosphere to Ponsonby in terms of its rustic decor, large wooden tables and bar stools covered with a comfy sheepskin.
We had successfully ticked off seeing a few friends today and to add to the list we stopped off at Dean and Corrine’s house on the way home. Their house was lovely, Chelsea grey carpets, kitchen and statement walls (a big fan of the Chelsea grey!) we chatted at the bar of their open plan kitchen whilst Dean mixed some tunes on his DJ decks.
We ended the night with a few snacks at local late night joint Basalt in Howick which was packed for a Thursday! Again a great selection of nibbles!

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