Selfies vs Self Love

Wake up (5 mins), shower (20 mins), breakfast (15 mins), hair and make-up (40 mins). Yup, that’s how I wake up and I’m sure this is familiar to a lot of girls out there, we spend so much time perfecting our look for the day but how much time, if ever, do we spend focussing on ourselves?

Now I’m not here to teach you how to contour or create those enhanced pouty lips, but who has spent minutes, or hours even, watching Youtube tutorials on how to apply a flawless foundation or Instagram lives on drawing on new eyebrows?? I have! I must have googled numerous times how to create the perfect smokey eye! But who has ever thought about how to be a better person, a kinder person, a more selfless person? Didn’t think so!

So why do we obsess over our appearance? Of course it makes us feel more confident and that’s great, I’m all about people feeling their most confident but we don’t need to morph into Kim K to be confident in our own skin! But is it because looking in a mirror and drawing on thicker eyebrows and fuller lips is easier than looking in a mirror and changing the make-up of our persona?

Do we pick friends because they have big lips? Perfect eyebrows? Flawless skin? 50k+ followers? NO (or at least I hope not!!) We pick our friends because they are kind to us, generous, they share, they make us laugh, they are easy to talk to, they help us out, they make us feel at ease and we understand one another. So shouldn’t these characteristics be our goals when it comes to what we perceive as inspiration? ABSOLUTELY! Without seeming mean, what are you if you have a pretty face but you can’t handle social situations? Or you’re not a very kind-hearted person?

So ladies, put down your selfie stick and take a few minutes to write yourself some self love goals… I’ve started them off for you below:

  1. Put a date in your diary to see your friends – hear their stories from the week, don’t just catch up on their Instastories!
  2. Lift your head up from your computer screen at work and chat to your colleagues. Ask how they’re doing, be interested in what they have to say.
  3. Put a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like it on  Monday morning, it makes you much more approachable and friendly and will eventually feel like a natural thing to do.
  4. Do something nice for someone else (easier said than done right?) but you don’t need to think big…. ask your colleagues if they’d like a drink when you go and make your morning tea at work, hold a door open for someone, COMPLIMENT honestly it goes such a long way, tell people when you like their stuff, their hair, their clothes, their bike…
  5. Start up conversations with your customers if you work face to face (ask how their weekend was, if they have plans for the evening etc…) There is nothing like a human convo hey!

If all else fails, put down any electrical items and go for a walk or a run, it always helps to clear your head and have a fresh outlook. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts or if you put any of these plans into action!


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