Song of the week – Fetty Wap ‘Trap Queen’

I first heard this song on one of those random Spotify trending playlists back on May 10th (I remember the exact date as it was my Birthday!!) and it became one of those songs I played over and over and over again, in fact I played it soooooo much I pretty much knew all the lyrics in about 2 hours! Record?

My personal favourite part, in fact there’s 2, firstly the whole ‘I’m like hey what’s up hello’ I feel is going to become a popular hashtag and ‘in love with the money I ain’t never letting go’ into the chorus – BOOM! That is how it’s done! Great song for a night out and the little hook in the background won’t leave your head for a few days!

It’s already taken off in America peaking at number 2 and now floated its way to this side of the pond where it’s looking on track to make waves! Now the radio stations have got hold of it I heard it twice today so thought I would share with ya’ll!

P.S. Rumour has it he is set to release a single with upcoming starlet Natalie La Rose so keep your ears open!

Genre: hip hop

Happy listening!




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