The Toy Shop, Putney

Firstly what a cool name for a bar! I have visited the Toy Shop in Putney many times for a few after work drinks as the office is just across the road in Parsons Green.


A great place to go to catch up with friends and enjoy an array of funky cocktails. Little did I know though, they serve food and snacks too until my cousin suggested we go for dinner there. What’s more amazing is that some of the little snacks (I had breaded strips of chicken with chips) come in silver lunch boxes. What a blast from the past! I’m sure everyone remembers carrying their little plastic lunchbox back in Primary School. I know I do for sure and the girls had Disney princesses on the front or a kitten or something and the boys had power rangers or something equally as manly!
Point being that lunch boxes are clearly still cool!
I am totally 100% a cocktail lover but do enjoy something milkshake-esque with a little cream but there wasn’t an option on the menu, however don’t be afraid to ask because if you don’t ask you don’t get! I asked one of the very friendly waitresses if I could possibly have some kind of creamy cocktail with baileys or khalua or such like and sure enough she came back with just that. Yummy!!
(Sorry about the bad picture! I clearly couldn’t wait to have a sip before taking a snap!)
What’s even more nostalgically brilliant about this place are the bathrooms (the girls anyway) is that the walls are covered in Barbies, very unique and out there but you’ve got to love it. I didn’t get a picture unfortunately but I go there all the time so next time I will make sure I do and post it in another post.
Brilliant fun night out, I hope you take a visit there soon.
P.s you even get a tasty treat at the end of your meal – in our case it was a chocolate Lego robot! Yum!
Pp.s must try the chocolate chip cookie dipping sticks for pudding. A.MAY.ZING!!!

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