Winter Walking

One thing I can’t deal with is cold, wet and windy winters but here in London we seem to be having a really nice spell of weather! Yes it’s cold but the sun has been shining every day and there’s not a cloud in the sky! It’s also January, the month everyone might actually stick to their New Year Resolutions (I hope you all had a good one btw!) and of course the most popular resolution… get fit, stay fit! What better way to take advantage of the weather than to do some walking!

I have been walking like a little wind up robot lately, starting with the first weekend of January when we stayed at Warren House in Kingston for my Mum’s Birthday. Although I managed to read ‘The Girl on the train’ in a matter of hours that day (and if you’ve been listening to my radio show I’ve talked all about it) we still managed to fit in an hours walk round the prestigious Coombe Estate with its policed entrances and then into Richmond Park at Ladderstile Gate, in the rain I might add! That was walk number one.




We then stayed at the Richmond Hill Hotel last weekend on the other side of the park and on Sunday we walked through this side of Richmond park, out of Sheen Gate and down to Villa Rosa, a little family owned cafe in the heart of Sheen, where I rewarded myself for the 2 mile walk we just completed with a chocolate twist, they seriously make the best ones I’ve EVER  tasted! It was in Sheen where I purchased my new faux fur gilet from Whistles, they have the cutest little store on the Corner of Sheen lane. Which reminds me that if you’re going to be walking, it’s all about layering and a gilet is the perfect way to do it, mine was in the sale too, even better! You can check that out on my what to wear waking blog. If you do walk through Richmond Park, be sure to keep a look out for the parrots! More about that on my radio show tomorrow. Tune in 10am-1pm at



My third and longest walk was yesterday where I walked all the way from Holland Park, through Hyde Park and down into South Kensington to meet a friend for lunch. Then I walked all the way back again totalling about 6 miles wahoooo! Feeling good!!


If you didn’t know, walking is a really great way to keep in shape and stay fit. It works your core, improves posture, can help with arthritis, it strengthens your heart and lungs and can work to prevent heart disease. It basically can work in all the same ways as jogging, with far less risk of injury!

Happy walking!

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