Cat’s out of the bag!

Wednesday 18th September we headed to see Tops’ production of CATS! Now before I start, let’s get 2 misconceptions out of the way (I’m not KITTEN around here!):

1. Although this is put on by an amateur dramatics company, there is nothing amateur about it! Everyone from the dancers and actors to the singing, the stage production, costume and make-up and music is all incredible and the works of a professional team!

2. People often say that ‘Cats’ lacks a story line – well in fact I can tell you there are about 10 story lines wrapped into one as each song /scene tells the story of a different cat.

The show is based on T S Eliot’s 1939 poetry book titled ‘Old Possum’s book of practical cats’. The show is set in a junkyard playground where the various Jellicle Cats come out to play on the night of the Jellicle Ball.

Featuring the characters of Rum Tum Tugger, the magical Mister Mistoffelees (played by Sam Loveridge who really showed off his dancing skills), the mysterious Macavity and the ruler of the roost (or king of the kitties shall I say), and Old Deuteronomy the elderly admired leader of the cat pack.

With much loved and recognised songs such as the upbeat ‘Jellicle Cats’ which opens the show with a bang, ‘Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat’, ‘Macavity The Mystery Cat’ and the glorious ballad by Grizabella ‘Memory’ sung by Jo Button whose voice was mesmerising!

A huge shoutout of recognition to Tracey Loveridge, the Director and choreographer of this amazing production; the way the actors move like cats and interact with each other like cats shows the cast’s hard work in studying the animals and rehearsing with tails and knee pads on at all times following the advice of former ‘Cats’ star Darren Middleton.

Rob Young the musical director and the backstage team including costumes and the magnificent hair and make-up transformations by South Devon College which were each works of art in their own right.

And of course the cast, the all singing, all dancing, all acting triple threats that took to the stage and made it a PAWsome show from top to tail! It was nice to see some familiar faces from my school days too, so a big well done to Rachel, Jennifer and Elysia!

With the highly anticipated film announced to be released later this year featuring he likes of Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, James Corden, Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson and Jason Derulo – heading to see Cats at The Princess Theatre will get you ahead of the game, in fact I may say you’ll be FELINE like the cat who got the cream!

Cats is on at The Princess Theatre from Wednesday 18th – Saturday 21st September at 7.30pm, there is also a matinee on Saturday AND don’t forget to arrive early and dine at The Princess Bistro beforehand which has a yummy menu (so tasty it took me a good 10 minutes to decide what tempting dish to order!)

Tickets here:

Meal at The Princess Bistro here: 01803 212383

A mystical, magical musical show for the whole family, full of CATitude, what a way to spend a  Purrrrrrfect night!

And if you need some more puuurrrrrsuading check out their teaser videos here:


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